"The company truly cares about my safety and well being."
- Charles, 35 years, Henderson, Instrument Technician

"I work with a dynamic group of individuals that are always determined to succeed. It’s very inspiring."
- Lakeisha, Tracy, Purchasing Specialist

"Very good job stability and income."
- Jimmy, 31 years, Charleston, Tech 5, Division Technical Support

"Working for Olin is like being part of a large family. Everyone is behind you and helping you to succeed with your training, goals and education."
- Gretchen, 1 year, Tacoma, Supervisor of Customer Service, West Coast Bleach Plants

"This is a great place to start, expand and grow your career aspirations."
- Daniel, 2 years, Transportation, Logistics Analyst

"Strong company leadership who cares for their employees and strives for all to succeed."
- Dave, 2 years, Cleveland, Director of Maintenance Excellence

"Olin places a high emphasis on not just the employee, but their families and the surrounding community."
- J.R., 5 years, Charleston, CLT

"A new challenge every day."
- Linda, St. Gabriel, Customer Service Support and Transportation

"Extensive opportunities to increase your scope of expertise."
- Debra, 2 years, Niagara, Senior Engineer

"I have worked at other chemical plants in the area and I chose to come back to Olin because it was like coming home."
- Martha, 25+ years, McIntosh, Administrative Assistant

"Olin has provided me numerous opportunities for career growth."
- Marvin, 19 years, Cleveland, Director of Marketing - Caustic Soda

"Not too big, not too small, just right!"
- B., 11 years, Charleston, SAP Environmental Health and Safety

"There is not a set routine for my job, every day brings new challenges."
- Paul, 2 years, Augusta, Production Supervisor

"Because of the high ethical/moral standards,"
- Michael, 40 years, Cleveland, Senior Technical Associate

"I am continually challenged with new opportunities."
- Steve, 24 years, Charleston, Production Manager

"I wake up in the morning and look forward to coming to work."
- Michael, 2.5 years, Cleveland, Tech - A - Maintenance (Shipping)

"You can be an influential part of the process at Olin."
- Robert, 2.5 years, Charleston, Valve Shop Technician

"Good opportunities for personal and professional growth."
- Olivia, 31 years, Cleveland, Administrative Assistant

"Everyone is treated equally, no matter if you have been here 2 years or 20."
- Fred, 2 years, Augusta, Loader

"Always an opportunity to use your skills and creativity to solve problems and improve processes."
- Marty, 3 years, Augusta, Operational Excellence Leader

Whatever your career goal, Olin is a company big enough to make your goal a reality. We are continually looking for people to fill an array of positions and contribute to the future of our company.

We actively recruit at selected universities throughout the school year as well as attend several national conferences and job fairs. We encourage students to sign up through our online applicant database or through their university career center. If we are not coming to your university you can still submit a resume online. We target mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering grads that have completed co-op programs or internships, preferably in a chemical or manufacturing environment and maintain the highest academic performance. Olin Chlor Alkali Products Division also employs college graduates in other professional fields such as information technology, logistics, human resources, sales and more.

From the submitted resumes, we will select those students to interview that best match our job qualifications. During the interview, you will be evaluated based on how you answer our behavior interview questions.

If you are selected for a second round interview, you will be invited in to either our corporate headquarters or one of our other locations for a panel interview process.

What can you expect when you join Olin after graduation? Follow this link to view comments from other graduates in the Career Profiles area.

Click here to see career development opportunities.