Quick Facts
The Henderson plant began operations in 1942. The plant was upgraded and rebuilt in 1976. The plant became part of Olin Chlor Alkali Products in August 2007. Henderson is part of an industrial complex shared with other manufacturing companies.
Phone: (702) 565-8781
Address: Mailing Address
P.O. Box 86
Henderson, NV 89009-7001

Street Address
350 Fourth Street
Henderson, NV 89015
Location: Lake Mead Parkway in Henderson near Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam
Established: 1942
Footprint: 300 acres, 70 developed
Plant Population: 125 manufacturing, 170 total site
Products: Bleach , Caustic Soda , Chlorine , Hydrochloric Acid , Hydrogen
Product End Uses: Water & waste water treatment, oil & gas industry, Household cleaners, Mining chemicals, Pulp and paper, Chemical processing, geothermal energy, pharmaceuticals, Agricultural products, Food processing & sanitation, steel pickling
Annual Local Expenditures: $15 million
Annual Local Taxes$1.1 million
Charitable Contributions: $35,000
Our Home

Located in Henderson, Nevada, near Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam, the Henderson plant began operation in 1942. The original plant was built as part of an effort to supply magnesium to the U.S. government to support World War II. The entire plant was upgraded and rebuilt in 1976. Henderson joined the Olin family in August 2007. Not only is Olin Henderson the closest chlor alkali plant to the southern California area, but as water demand grows with the population, the facility is ideally situated to serve the growing water treatment market.

We contribute to the local economy

There are approximately 170 dedicated people who work at Olin Henderson. Olin spends almost $15 million annually with all local businesses, purchasing goods and services that support some 500 local jobs. In addition, Olin pays $1.1 million in annual taxes—taxes that go to schools, to community services and development, and to those in need.

We’re responsible to the community

As a corporate neighbor, it’s important that we add value to life in Henderson. Adding value means giving of ourselves to charitable and worthwhile efforts in the community, whether it’s creating them or contributing to them. One of Olin Henderson's most important community efforts is our support of local education and schools in the area including Henderson's Robert Taylor Elementary and the McCaw School of Mines. Olin is an active member in teh Henderson Chamber of Commerce and the Henderson Development Association. Olin and its employees also provide support to the local Salvation Army.

Henderson is a great place to live

Known throughout the nation for its premier master-planned communities, outstanding parks and recreation facilities, and cultural arts programs and amenities, Henderson offers an enhanced quality of life for those who choose to live, learn, work, and play here. Home to more than 270,000residents, Henderson boasts the largest recreational facility - the Multigenerational Facility at Liberty Pointe - in Nevada as well as Nevada's only scenic Bird Preserve. In addition, Henderson provides a wide variety of cultural and entertainment programming as well at the Henderson Pavilion outdoor amphitheater, the largest one of its kind in Nevada.

However, that is not all that Henderson has to offer. In fact, Henderson is also minutes away from two of the most renowned man-made attractions in the world - Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. The Hoover Dam is a national historic landmark that contains 4.3 million yards of concrete and is the second highest dam in the U.S. at 726 feet. Behind it is Lake Mead National Park, the fifth-busiest park in the U.S. Outdoor enthusiasts also enjoy a variety of local destinations such as Mount Charleston which offers hiking, camping and skiing. Other unique destinations include the Colorado River and Red Rock Canyon which provide recreation opportunities all year long.

Safety is one of our most important products

One of our main goals at the Olin Henderson plant is a safe working and living environment for our people, their families and our neighbors. Olin takes precautions to ensure that no employee or community resident is ever put at risk. Since 2008, Olin Henderson has invested more than $25 million in plant improvements. This coming year we are investing $40 million to expand our bleach production capability and to replace the existing equipment that produces hydrochloric acid with new upgraded equipment. Plus, the Henderson plant recycles all its process water, making the plant one of two chlor alkali plants in North America with zero process discharge.